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About US

About Us


 Maxcell Heatech Solution is a Group of companies, it is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of industrial heaters in India . We have started our operation , under Technical leadership of our Director, Polymer Engineer Mr.K.K. Patil. Over the few years become preferred source of industrial heaters. Apart from Supplying quality heaters to original equipment manufacturers of various processing machinery in India. Our products are extensively used in various sectors of industries.

Under the Leadership of Mr. K.K. Patel having expertise in polymer processing & Power solution in heating technology ,our company’s consistence presentation has helped us to send products that meet up to the prospect levels of our customers.

Our Motto Covers Our Ideals

We provide a wide range of industrial and commercial heaters. We are offering the best service by providing Tailor Made Solution to our clients as per their requirements. We have been able to achieve the goal by using state of are production technology and using exclusively.


Our Product Range

We are an efficiently managed company that deals in a wide variety of heating elements. We offer all types of heaters such as

« Ceramic Heater

« Mica Heater

« Nozzle Heater

« Cartridge Heater

« Coil Heater

« Infrared Heater

« Tubular Heater« Strip Heater« Casting Heater

Quality Assurance

Our examination team also has expert to provide us with up to date quality standards that are followed in worldwide market. Under their management, all chances of flaws are abolished. Our products are tested for various parameters some of which are stated below:

« Power saving capacity

« Tolerance analysis

« Element Analysis

« Resistance against fluctuation

We also check the customized products against the parameters precise by our customers. Thus, we make sure that only the proper functioning products reach our customers place.

Customer Satisfaction

We have customers who come to us for unrivaled quality and soaring performance of our products. They share our perception for quality which is one reason why they favor to be with us. We have received their trust and admiration through our focused hard work and enthusiasm and we guarantee to come up to their level of prospects in times to come.


« Plastic Processing Machinery

« Injection Moulding Machines

« Blow Moulding Machine

« Plastics Extrudes & Extrusion Dies

« Hot Runner Moulds

« Packaging Industries

« Hot Plates & Ovens

« Chemical Industry

« Rubber Industry

« Pharmaceuticals Industry



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